Drive-Thru 10-Minute Oil Change

Every Castrol Premium Plus® Drive-Thru 10-Minute Oil Change includes a thorough 20-point inspection of the major components on your vehicle, all while you stay safely in your car.


Regularly changing your motor oil is the single most important thing that you can do for your vehicle. If you are a vehicle owner, performing regular oil changes will undoubtedly help you protect your investment, and may also prevent costly repairs down the road. That's why Castrol Premium Lube Express recommends that you change your motor oil and replace the oil filter every 3,000 miles. These regular oil changes remove old, dirty motor oil and replace it with clean, top-quality Castrol® motor oil -- which helps ensure optimal engine function, and helps extend the life of your engine.

Additionally, every Castrol Premium Plus® 10-Minute Oil Change includes a thorough Castrol® Multi-Point Inspection of the fluids, filters and major components on your vehicle. Checking these systems regularly -- every 3,000 miles -- helps prevent unexpected engine problems and costly repairs.

Our 10 Metro Atlanta locations frequently offer oil change specials and coupons so continue to check our website for the latest offers. We also invite you to sign up for our Castrol Rewards® program to receive complimentary tire rotations with the purchase of any Castrol oil change.


  • Lubricate your engine so that it runs more smoothly
  • Clean your engine by removing deposits and sludge
  • Cool your engine and stabilize operating temperature
  • Protect your engine by reducing friction and wear
  • Improve engine performance and maximize power
  • Increase gas mileage and run more efficiently

Note on Extended Drain Intervals: Certain types of motor oil (e.g., synthetics) may be changed at extended intervals, but this depends on the vehicle and driving conditions ("normal" or "severe"). You should always check your vehicle owner's manual and adhere to their guidelines at a minimum, but regularly changing your motor oil and oil filter is critical to the maintenance of any vehicle.


Use the oil comparison chart below to choose the best Castrol® motor oil for your vehicle

Castrol GTX® Castrol GTX® High Mileage Castrol GTX® Magnetec® Castrol EDGE® Synthetic
Conventional Oil High Mileage Oil Full Synthetic Oil Advanced Full Synthetic Oil
Good protection Specially designed for engines over 75,000 miles Better protection Best protection
Good performance Helps replenish worn and leaky seals Better performance Best performance
Good sludge protection Helps restore lost compression & power Better cleaning Best cleaning
Helps reduce oil consumption Better fuel economy Best fuel economy
Better in extreme temperatures Best in extreme temperatures

Conventional Motor Oil: Many customers still prefer the lower cost and familiarity of conventional motor oil, particularly if their vehicle isn’t subject to severe driving conditions, such as dirty/dusty roads, lots of short trips, driving in extreme heat or cold, and towing heavy loads.

High Mileage Motor Oil: Specially designed for vehicles with over 75,000 miles. Helps keep engines that have been around the block a few times running better, longer by reducing oil burn-off, oil leaks and gradual loss of compression.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil: A mixture of synthetic and conventional oils that serves as a midpoint between the two: better protection and performance than conventional oil can provide, especially in severe driving conditions, but not as good as a full synthetic oil. Castrol GTX® High Mileage is also a Synthetic Blend motor oil.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil: Specially formulated motor oil made for the highest levels of protection and performance for ultimate peace of mind. More and more vehicle manufacturers today require it. See if yours is one of them. Castrol GTX® Magnetec® is a full synthetic motor oil, and Castrol EDGE® is an advanced full synthetic motor oil.

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